You Get It, And Sometimes You Don’t


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
— Lao Tzu

There was a time when you were clueless. A time when little made sense. When others seemed to get it more than you did.

Oh, how you suffered so!

Oh, how they laughed, goaded and jeered.

Oh, oh, oh!

There was that time, that fabled feeble time.

Now you are here. Now you’ve seen “the light”. Now you know better and you do better. Now is the time of flow, of knowing when to say no. For now you are listening, and glistening.

A right rhyming Romeo.

Oh, oh, oh!

Except. Except You are still your own worst enemy. You still can’t hide from yourself. You’re still an over-thinking control-freak.

You are still the ebb and the flow.

You get it, and then sometimes you don’t!

Old troubles replaced by the new. That room you once feared to enter now contains four darkened more. Trusted strengths seem wayward. Forgotten fears re-appear. Once welcomed weaknesses turn on you, snake-like.

Life has never been better for you. And yet, yet life still can’t seem to be completely trusted in, no matter how rewarding.

But mastery can never outwit mystery.

You understand yourself so much more than you used to. Understand your struggles, and those that seemed a part of that struggle. You now see how you’re the sole creator of the drama unfolding.

And yet the drama remains, unchanged.

You understand how life works, where success comes from, and where the answers lie.

And yet the questions remain, and still daunt.

You know what you need to do, how to move, and what to listen to. You’re aware of the fear, see it everywhere around you. You return to love more, and more, and more.

And yet the stuckness remains, unwaning.

You get it, and sometimes you don’t!

IT! Kundalini awakened. Or Christ consciousness. Or ‘getting’ the 3 Principles behind life. What yoga is pointing to. Or seeing that YOU are the answer.

You Know Who You Are. And then you don’t. You lose yourself, again – you lose ‘it’.

The trouble is you believe in a happy ever after. A time when everything is known.

And this time exists. It is called death. But you want this certainty in life, too. You want what is not possible. You want to know what happens next, want to be in charge.

And you are not. In charge. You are just the rider on the storm. Bouncing, balancing and blooming. But above all, bumbling. But life is the eternal surpriser and it brings out the bumbler in everyone.

You are a bumbler.

A bumbler who knows better. A wise bumbler. A funny and smart bumbler. But a humble bumbler nevertheless.

You are not in control. (Despite any evidence to the contrary.)

You suffer when you don’t need to.

And it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

And the fact that you keep forgetting these facts of life, these truths of you, well that’s the only real problem you’re ever going to have.

You will never get it all done. Life will never stop being a challenge. There will always be pitfalls and pratfalls.

And you will always, always be taking a few steps backward as well as forward.

You’re dancing, can’t you see! A divine entrancing dance between the formless and the form, between risk and certainty, between the silence and the sound.

Ms Impersonal meet Mr Personal – now let’s boogey!

And the only rules of the dance are these. Keep dancing. Enjoy the dance as much as you can. And listen closely to the music, lose yourself to it.

Dance, monkey, dance!

Forget the shouldas and the couldas. Forget the falls. Forget everything, really. And listen. And dance. And trust.

You will never be the finished article.

You will never get it all done.

There will always, always be ‘more’, and ‘further’, and ‘next’.

And times will be hard again. You’ll suffer. You’ll want to control. You’ll want to know.

And you won’t. (“Oh now, it’s the ebb and flow!”)

And… that’s okay. That’s okay.

You get it, I know you do. And sometimes you don’t.


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