You Are Enough, Right Now, As You Are


The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is.
— Erasmus

I know you so well. Amazing man. Wonderful woman. Original other. YOU!

Always doing your best. Yet still frightened of feedback. Always striving, and being too sensitive. Always giving it the wrong meaning, thinking strange things. Wanting to control, still trying to agree. Fearful of rejection, and other imaginations. Not knowing what you oughta. Always doing your best.

I know you so well.

Marvelous you. Miserable too. Mystical you.

Wise and foolish, curious and judgemental, loving and fearful.

Delightful and delinquent, fabulous and feeble.

I know you so well.

Always looking in the wrong place for the right stuff. Outside instead of in. Always blaming the messenger for what you lack.

And what you lack is the understanding, deep down inside, that you lack nothing. That love is who you are. That you are enough.

You don’t need your addictions. You don’t need your distractions. You don’t need your dissatisfactions. Because you are enough, as is, right now.

You might not know it. You might not see it. You might not even believe it. But it’s true. You. You really are enough.

The world might seem to disagree – with its comparisons, its judgements and its philosophy of shoulds. In truth, though, the world is as you see it. The world out there is neutral – going on, just going on.

The suffering only comes to remind you that you’ve forgotten that you are enough.

You are enough, right now, as you are.

Despite the dashed dreams. Despite the pitiful past. Despite the fraught future. You are enough.

You don’t need to achieve anything to be enough.

You don’t need to compete with anyone to be enough.

You don’t need to do what you said you were going to do to be enough.

Your enoughness is unconditional. Abuser, bully, criminal – you are enough. Creator, believer, advisor – you are enough. Aggressor, blasphemer, coward – you are enough.

Any letter from the alphabet – you are enough.

Leader. Martyr. Nobel-prize winner. Enough.

Seeker. Terrorist. Unifier. Enough.

Worrier. Xenophobe. Zealot. Enough.

There isn’t anyone you can be, anything you can do, anywhere you can go and not be enough.

Whoever you are, whoever you’ve been, and whomever you become – you are enough.

Being enough is not about success, though. It’s not about getting the guy. And it doesn’t come

Being enough is Who You Are. It’s your default state. Your aliveness.

You are okay.

Nothing is wrong.

You are enough.

Not because you read it in a book or on a blog post, but just because.

And one day, soon I hope, you will see and feel the truth of this for yourself. That you are enough. You will see your problems in a new, liberating light. You will notice the neutrality in the flow of life. You will become aware of who you actually are.

And all will be well. Even when it isn’t. And all will be okay. Even when it isn’t. And you will be enough.

You will still do. You will still seek. You will still connect. Achieve. Fail. Learn. Laugh. Love. Your life will simply go on. But you will be unencumbered with the burden of trying to prove that you are enough.

Unencumbered by the desperate desire to re-connect yourself with your love.

Unencucumbered by seriousness, unstrapped from the self-loathing leash, fully unfurled.

You. Enoughness realised. Finally.

Enough to put a smile on your face.

Enough to still the world.


(Enough already?)