You Are Amazing, Yes You Are


How soon will you realise that the only thing you don’t have is the direct experience that there’s nothing you need that you don’t have?
— Ken Keyes, Jr

Let me tell you a secret. It’s about you. One you most likely won’t believe, when I tell you.

Let me whisper it to you. Here and now. I really want you to know this, at least once in your life, because…

You Are Amazing.

You are wonderful.

You are clever.

You are a unique representation of the human form. Always wanting to learn. Always curious.

You have a fascination for life, and what comes next.

You are comfortable with uncertainty. You know where to look for answers. And you’re okay being wrong, okay making mistakes and looking a fool.

Yes, you trust yourself (you trust the world around you). You love yourself. And you forgive yourself. Maybe not all of the time, or enough of the time, but definitely some of the time.

You understand others. (And you trust them.)

You listen to them. You laugh with them. You smile at them.

You don’t take yourself too seriously. Because you know there’s nothing special about you that isn’t special about them.

You don’t expect perfection from others, or from yourself.

You have no time for guilt. Or shame. Or depression.

You wonder. Wonder what’s coming next. You don’t angst over your anticipations, your meanings and predictions.

You know that the world is a better place because of you.

You are a wonderful human being, you really are.


And how do I know this, then? How do I know that every word I’ve said about you so far is true? How can I say this about you, when I’ve not even met you? (I might not like you, after all, nor you me.)

What about those dark, desiring thoughts you have, those terrible things you once did or are still planning to do?

What about the shame and the shadows?

What about your fearfulness, and how you let it manifest?

Yes, what about the anger and the anxiety, the defensiveness and the disappointments, the frustration and the overwhelm?

How can I say what I say when I don’t know about all that?

But I do know, don’t you see, I do know. Because you are me, and I am you. I know it all, and more.



And you are a wonderful human being. Funny. Smart. Interesting. And there really is no one like you, anywhere.

The only problem?

The only problem is that you just don’t see this for yourself, enough. (Or, seeing this truth, you think it makes you a superior soul or something.)

Maybe you’ve never, ever allowed yourself to think some of these things about yourself. Maybe you just can’t believe it. Not you, not your life. But they are true of you, I can assure you, just as they are true of me. Sometimes.

And you are not superior to anyone, not even your previous self. You are just you. Despite your awareness of your beauty. Your smarts. Your resourcefulness. Etc. You are just you. One of a kinky kind.

You, wonderful you, are okay.

Your posturing pride is okay. Your prostrating self-deprecation. And everything else in between. All okay.

Because behind it all a capacity for composure: a divine space where you get to be you, in all your glory and gory.

A space where you get to be wonderful, woeful, wasteful, to be less than you truly are.

Because Who You Truly Are is in love with all of who you are. All you have been. All you can be. The worst of you, and the best of you. It really is okay for you to be YOU.

You are a wonderful human being. By definition. And I salute you.

And I encourage you to see this for yourself, a little more.

You, yes you, are amazing…

Agree with what I’ve shared here? Disagree? Still got questions? Then please leave a comment. 🙂