You Think Too Much, Yes You Do!


I only think when I have to.
— Russel Williams (Not I, Not Other Than I)

You think too much, yes it’s true.

Your thoughts stimulated by the world of form, a world in action, a restless world. An ebb and flow reaction. The power to solve problems confused with the power to make them disappear.

Thinking, always thinking.

With respite, brief that it is, arriving via the physical. Via letting go of the logical, and the rational, and listening to the intuitional and inspirational.

But the thinking returns. Has to. And the thinking begets thinking begets more thinking.

You’re an over-thinking junkie in a mental world where over-thinking is normal, is defended at all costs, is seen as the solution not the problem.

What does it look like, then, this over-thinking?

It looks like depression. It looks like overwhelm. It looks like anxiety, frustration and confusion.

It looks like problems everywhere. It looks like ailments. And over-tiredness. And body aching.

It looks like you, it looks like you. (When you’re not smiling or laughing, anyway, when you’re not simply having fun.)

There’s nothing wrong with you thinking. It’s hard not to think. Where would the world be without your thoughts? But the problem stems from your thinking about your thinking. From thinking about meaning. From making it up and believing – believing in what you’ve created.

But the harsh facts are these. Something happens. It doesn’t mean anything. Next something.

But you forget. Give the somethings a meaning. Give the meanings a label. Give the labels to a person.

And all the time you’re thinking. Pondering. Stirring the pot. Moving further and further away from seeing.

And it causes fatigue, your over-thinking, and other dis-ease. And it’s the source of your seriousness. Your obsession with self.

A gift of creation. And your ultimate strength. Abused and misuded and misunderstood.

Like drowning in water. Being blinded by the sun. Or eating yourself to death. “It’s too much, Elvis, it’s too much!”

Imagine this, instead. A life with no problems. A life at ease with yourself. A life where others flourish, others shine, and so do you. A life of differences. A life of challenges. A life of ups and downs. A life where new things happen all the time. A life where you ‘get it’ and sometimes you don’t.

Imagine this life.

Imagine this thought.

Imagine you’re thinking. Always thinking. One thought, then the next. And the next and the next. A living stream of consciousness. Random thoughts. Violent thoughts. Bizarre and peculiar thoughts. Repeated thoughts. And frustrated thoughts. And depressing thoughts.

Imagine every thought under the sun. Allowed. Inside your head. Engaged with, if necessary. Released, if not. And noticed, if possible.

Imagine, too, every feeling ever felt. And imagine if these feelings were allowed, too. Listened to, if necessary. And surrendered to, if possible.

Imagine this is how you play the game. As a thinking machine. Converting thoughts into actions, and movements, and feelings. With no thought wrong, or banned or resisted.

Imagine the freedom of such a thinking life. Imagine the freedom of only thinking, then, when you had to. Imagine you don’t think too much.

Imagine if this was possible for you. (And it is possible for you.)

Imagine letting go of that overthinking habit. Imagine trusting that this is the way to go. Imagine relaxing into the unknown. And seeing what comes next.

Imagine you are the master of this ultimate creative tool, that the tool is not the master of you.

Imagine overthinking feeling like driving too fast. Or speaking too quickly. Or it feels like hurrying. And all you’d have to do was notice, was slow down, was listen.

Imagine knowing that the source of your illness was in your head. Imagine knowing what your depression, anxiety and desperation was really telling you. (“So what if life is meaningless, so what!”)

Imagine never having to believe your thinking ever again. Imagine being able to play with it, instead – to paint and create with it. Imagine you’re a genius like Picasso.

Imagine not being troubled by your creations. Imagine your world at peace – a United Nations. Imagine peace of mind.

You think too much, you truly do.


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