Why It’s Easier Said Than Done


Being yourself. Just two words. Yet these two words reveal the game of life that can never be fully mastered. Words that can never reveal, that can only point towards. Poetic words. Confusing words. Useless words, even…

Be you. Just be. You.


Be yourself. Get the girl. (Or boy.) Get the gig. Get to give of yourself (get to receive).


Just be yourself! What does it even mean? As an instruction. As a criticism. As a way of being. What does it even mean?

Why is it even important to be yourself?

And who else can you be but yourself? (Can I be you and can you be me? Is that even possible? And why am I me and not you?)

And around and around we go. On the ride of a lifetime. With guidance and criticisms and encouragements that just make no sense.

This being yourself lark, then: it’s easier said than done. And that’s forgetting the minor detail of you not knowing who you actually are, in the first place.

Let’s start this review of you with what you don’t know about yourself but oughta. What you don’t notice. What you don’t see.

You suffer when you don’t need to. You try and hide from yourself. And you really are your own worst enemy (your only enemy!). Yuck.

You’re amazing, creative and capable too. (Phew!) And you’re always doing your best. And – loud fanfare of the common man – you are enough. Trouble is, though, you either don’t believe this of yourself or you simply keep forgetting it.)

So let’s keep going, then, with this quick look at who you are. This unbiased, unblinkered look. At how you usually show up in the world. And, one way or another, it looks a little like this:

  • You’re too sensitive
  • You don’t like disagreements
  • You’re frigtened of being rejected
  • You don’t listen enough
  • And you think too much


Let’s not forget that you are selfish and self-obsessed. That you live in a world of your own creation. That you give meanings to things that are completely made up.

Let’s not forget that you don’t like feedback. That you like shooting the messenger – the bringer of that feedback. And all because you don’t actually like yourself too much.

Let’s not forget that you are a control freak. That you’re always comparing yourself to others. And that you rely on your strengths too much (shy away from your weaknesses).

Hmm, why on earth would you ever want to be yourself if this is who you sometimes are?

When ‘they’ can offer ‘that’ – why would you ever want to just settle for ‘this’?

But it gets worse, gets harder for you. Because you are not who you think you are. You are not what you think, but you are a thinker. You are not what you’ve created, but you are a creator. You are not what you dream about, but you are a dreamer.

Yes, now let’s remind ourselves that you don’t actually know who you are. That you are, in fact, a mystery. A mystery that has only been hinted at, so far. A mystery that love opens up, and reveals the light within, and fear closes down.

Thus you get to reveal yourself anew in each moment. On a tightrope that never ends. With collapse and victimhood on one side, posturing and arrogance on the other.

How exposing, how dangerous, and how vulnerable it is… to be you.

And it’s not as if you like being vulnerable. You do have a taste for safety, after all, for belonging. For the synergies of community, and collaboration, and conformity.

Yes, it’s not so easy to be yourself. It’s far easier spoken, and written about, than being done.

But this impossible ride is worth it, is worth a go. And sometimes you’ll get there, and sometimes you won’t. But you’ll always be learning, and journeying.

And answers will come to you, and answers will go. And insights or breakthoughs or transformations. Each contained in the moment to come. Each contained in you. Each waiting for you to allow it into being, to allow you into being.

It’s all a lot easier said than done.

And you’ll f**k-up along the way. A just cause by your side, a justification. Because that’s what you do, that’s how you role.

And you’ll never get there, never truly be yourself. A finaly victory will always elude. But you’ll die trying, you’ll die trying.

And a proclamation will be heard: “The Queen is dead! God save the Queen!”

And the world will be as it was always intended to be.


Agree with what I’ve shared here? Disagree? Still got questions? Then please leave a comment. 🙂